Hokka Trees, Daman and Diu

The Hokka trees are native to Diu, a Union Territory in the state of India and are very unlike any vegetative species prevalent or seen in any other part of the country. For the naive and uninitiated, the Hokka tree is actually a version of the date palm tree that is said to be very common in the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. The Hokka tree also known as the doum palm tree in the vicinity of Diu, parts of Gujrat adjacent to Diu and Saurashtra and is very popular among children for its fruit, the doum.

The Hokka trees in Diu are concentrated at a single spot in a congregation and lined across the road near the beachfront. It is a visually delightful sight to see this strange looking trees lined up on one side of the beachfront with the sea and the beach being in full visibility on the opposite side. One can find vendors hawking the fruits from the tree to visiting tourists and beach goers. The doum fruit are said to be very delicious and possessing medicinal properties. The wonderful horizon with the sea front ending on the beach and the line of Hokka trees creates a beautiful natural canvas for capturing photographs.

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