Hussain Sagar Lake, Telangana

One of the largest man-made lakes in Asia, Hussain Sagar Lake, is in Hyderabad. It is a well-known tourist attraction. Amidst the beautiful lake, stands the statue of Lord Buddha. The huge Buddha statue in the middle of the lake looks especially beautiful in the night with colourful illumination. The Hussain Sagar lake was built in the year 1562 by Hussain Shah Wahi and serves a major purpose by connecting Hyderabad to Secunderabad.

Apart from being a connection between two major cities, this lake has a huge dam wall that provides water to the entire city. The Hussain Sagar lake not only attracts tourists because of its serene beauty but also for the availability of wide range of sports and activities that it offers the tourists. The boat rides and water rides are famous amongst everyone. Fish culture has become a recent favorite for the tourists. Entry fee is zero for all, however if you want take a boat ride, it will cost you between INR 35-55 per adult. You can also opt for parasailing which is roughly INR 400 per person.

The Hussain Sagar Lake, situated on the Tank Bunk road, is roughly 2kms from the main city. Hence, reaching here isn’t a much of a hustle. This lake was initially built to serve the irrigation needs and to supply water, however later on it was turned into a tourist spot.

Best time to visit in Hussain Sagar lake is during the sunset time, when you can take a boat ride to the center of the lake and watch the sun set in as the color of the sky changes.


Hussain Sagar lake open at 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Entry Fees

Free | No Tickets

Boating Fees

55 INR per Adult & 35 INR per Child for Mechanised Boat (including Buddha Statue visit) and 350 INR per Speed boat for Lake travel (100 INR per person on shared speed boat) and 110 INR per Adult & 80 INR per Child for Cruise Boats.

Light and Sound Show Timings

During the weekdays show timings is 07:15 PM and During the Weekend show timings is 07:15 PM & 08:30 PM

Light and Sound Show Tickets

50 INR per Adult and 30 INR per Child

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