ISKCON Temple, Patna, Bihar

The proper call of ISKCON Temple in Patna is Sri Sri Radha Banke Bihari Ji Mandir. The temple is placed in Buddha Marg in the Patna within the Indian nation of Patna. The whole ISKCON temple inside the global is dedicated to Radha and Krishna and is largely a Hindu Temple. It is providing undergoing constructed and now not but completed. But this essential temple is coming up and shortly devotees from throughout Bihar, Patna and the neighbouring cities could pay go to to this temple to offer prayer to the divine Krishna and Radha.

ISKCON Temple Patna History

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness abbreviated as ISKCON is a Hare Krishna motion which became fashioned thirteenth July, 1966 in New York City. The founding father of ISKCON turned into Bhaktivedanta Swami. This motion became began via the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect of Hinduism. The Vaishnava sects of Hinduism are those who follow Lord Vishnu and Gaudiya being the area of origin Gauda in the Indian nation of West Bengal. It originated more than 500 years ago. The employer became fashioned to spread the lessons in Bhagawat Gita which is said to be recited through Lord Krishna. The simple teachings of the ISKCON are Bhakti Yoga who standards are to dedicate ones thoughts and moves to the Supreme Lord Krishna. They don't forget Lord Krishna because the Supreme God who's an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. Radha, representing as Lord Krishna's Divine associate. In order to put a deep root of the coaching of Lord Krishna a complete of 550 centers have been built round the arena. The Sri Sri Banke Bihari Ji Temple in Patna being one in every of them.


Darshan timings from 07:00 AM to to 01:00 PM and then 04:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Aarti & Pooja Timings

Samadhi Arati (04:10 AM); Mangala Arati (04:30 AM); Japa Mantra Meditation (05:05 AM); Tulasi Arati (05:15 AM); Darshan Arati (07:15 AM); Shrinagar Arati (07:15 AM); Guru Puja (07:30 AM); Srimad Bhagavatam Discourse (08:00 AM); Pushpa Arati (08:30 AM); Raj Bhoga Arati (12:30 PM); Utthapan Arati (04:15 PM); Sandhaya Evening Arati (07:00 PM); Bhagavad Gita Discourse (08:00 PM) and Shayan Arati (08:30 PM)

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22 May 2022

Any cost to entry in iskcon temple ?