Jambukeswarar Temple, Tamil Nadu

The Jambukeswarar temple, dedicated to god Shiva is found in Thiruvanaikaval of Tiruchirapalli district, Tamil Nadu. In terms of architecture, the temple is simply splendid. There are several praharas which have different puja provisions. These enclosures have an outer wall which is very thick. The entrance of the Jambukeswarar temple is too narrow i.e. only 4-foot-high and 2.5 foot wide. It is because the sanctorum of Jambukeswara was built where no elephant could enter. There is a hall with more than 796 pillars. There is a “linga” which is submerged in the water. This lingam is called appu lingam (or water lingam). There is an underground water stream from where water is pumped out but it is replenished naturally.

There is an idol of goddess Akilandeswari, who is the same as Parvati. The mythological tales say that goddess Parvati resided in the jambu forest and made linga in the river Cauvery to please Shiva. So, he gave darshan to her at last and she took lessons from the lord. So, both the idols are lying face to face like a student-teacher pose. Worship and prayers take place in the enclosure called Garba Graha. Aarti to the deity is offered twice a day. The priest adorns female attire just like Parvati and prays before Lord Shiva. The devotees visit this temple for happiness and prosperity in their lives. More than 50 people are fed in the Jambukeswarar temple daily under the chief minister’s food donation scheme. The devotees also offer a lot of donations to this temple.


Jambukeswarar temple open at 05:30 AM to 01:00 PM and then from 03:00 PM to 08:30 PM

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sanjeev sambyal
10 March 2020

I want to perform Pooja for reducing Vish dosh effect in janam kundl in the temple plz guide me?