Jhumeila Folk Dance, Uttarakhand

Jhumeila dance is a folk dance performed in Uttarakhand, a state in India which was previously known as Uttaranchal. This dance form is so famous that people from various states and countries come to Uttarakhand to view the beauty of the dance form. This type of folk dance is performed in all major festivals like Baisakhi, Guru Purnima, Sankranti and other local festivals. This type of dance form represents and praises the beauty of the Himalayan foothills. The song sung during the Jhumaila folk dance praises the flora and fauna showcased by the Himalayan foothills and how beautiful it becomes even with the change in seasons. The dance and the songs sung are bright and upbeat that people start falling in love with the culture and the traditions of the Jhumeila community.

Even though the dance form is supposed to be performed only by women, men and children also sometimes join while performing the Jhumeila dance form. This song has another representation where the traditional Jhumeila dance form refers to the women who miss their happy moments and freedom they had before marriage, especially newlywed women and also refers to their sorrow of parting away from their loved ones. People and children who perform the dance are seen wearing colourful clothing which represents the colours of flora and fauna present. Communities from different states and countries can also participate in this type of dance form. Since the Jhumeila song is sung every season, tourists keep visiting the Jhumeila community throughout the year.

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Divya Raaghavan
26 August 2020

was there any history for it?

Divya Raaghavan
26 August 2020

how do you pronounce jhumeila