Kachchhi Ghodi Folk Dance, Rajasthan

Kachchhi Ghodi dance is an Indian folk dance originated in the Shekhawati region in the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a state full of historical significance and rich cultural background. In this unique style of dance, performers wear novelty horse costume. Singers narrate the folk lore of the local bandits and the dancers even enact mock fight. Professionals perform in wedding ceremonies and other social events for the entertainment of the guests. Although it originated in Rajasthan but eventually it was adopted and performed in other states of the country.

The word Kachchhi Ghodi refers to the horse costume wore on the waist of the performer. It is a combination performance by the dancers, singers and the musicians. The dancers wear white kurta and colourful turban and tie the imitation of horse costume in their waist. The shell of the costume is made of papier-mache to resemble a horse supported by a bamboo structure. The dummy does not have legs and is covered with bright coloured fabric with mirror–work embroidery. The dancers perform with musical bells tied to the feet on the rhythm of the songs accompanied by flute and drums.

Tales of Bhanwariya bandit is narrated in the songs and the dancers resembling as warriors on horseback participate in mock fight with blunt sword. Kachchhi Ghodi dance has become the symbol of Rajasthani culture. The bright embellished mare costume brightens the sight of any traditional and festive procession in Rajasthan with the unique form of dancing by the Kachchhi Ghodi dancers.

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