Kalinjar Fort, Uttar Pradesh

The Kalinjar fort is Built in the 10th century, this is one of the best offerings by the Bundelkhand region of central India. Located in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh, it is an altogether different world inside a world. The Kalinjar fort served some invaluable and priceless purpose by being a stupendous line of defence of Central India from various invaders. The place is decently complimented on the map by the World Heritage site of Khajuraho. The Kalinjar fort is situated at the distance about 100 KM from Khajuraho. This is a fortress city which is located among the beautiful rocky hills of the range. The region has a vibrant history with many wars witnessed by the place. The place has seen the era of many dynasties like the Chandel, Rajputs, and Solankis.

Built with the super strong granite stone, the temple name in Sanskrit has a definite meaning indicating to the destroyer of time. Story looped around the grandness of the city is a pretty interesting one. It is said that after the ‘Samundra–Manthan’, the Hindu Lord, Lord Shiva drank the poison and he became the ‘Mahakal’ or the destroyer of time taking victory over death. This is also a reason for the Temple in Kalinjar to be called Mahakal. History, culture, the place is an absolute beauty with picturesque views and some incredible play of nature along the hills.

The Kalinjar Fort in the Banda district of Uttar Pradesh is one of the richest cultural and spiritual side on the map of India. This is a complete package of its own offering a feel of spirituality with some thrill of the hills and much beauty to be witnessed around. Historians have gone on to state and describe the Kalinjar fort as one fortress that is truly unparallel and unrivalled in strength.


Kalinjar Fort open at 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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25 INR (Cash Payment) or 20 INR (Online Payment) per Indian tourists and 300 INR (Cash Payment) or 250 INR (Online Payment) per Foreign tourists. (Children below 15 years of age free)


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Sakshi rajpoot
18 October 2020

Banda to kalinjar fort distance

by Jeetu Bhaiya
05 April 2024

banda se 1 hr 25 min (59.6 km) ye duri hai bahut achha laga warsho purana mahal lekin muglo ne galat kiya hai murtiya tod ke jab maine dekha mujhe bahut kharab laga main aur iss kile ke bare me jaana youtube https://jeetubhaiya.in/ ham bhi jaldi apni website me is kile ke bare batayenge aap jan sakte hai

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by Jeetu Bhaiya
05 April 2024

bahut essy hai map kariye

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