Kamlah Fort, Himachal Pradesh

The Kamlah fort reminisces its glorious past when it was constructed by Raja Suraj of Mandi in the year 1625. Back in the 17th century, the kingdom of Mandi relied heavily on its forts for security purposes. More specifically, the kingdom depended on its 360 forts to ensure this. However, the Kamlah fort had a significant advantage in these other forts. It was better reinforced that the other forts. This was primarily due to its labyrinthine entrance that was highly effective in preventing attacks. And this ensured that the fort remained invincible until late.

In spite of all its defenses, the Kamlah fort ultimately fell prey to an attack by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1830. This victory, however, was short-lived. For the Mandi kings retook the fort and restored it to its former glory. Moreover, it was named after a widely-acclaimed saint known as Kamlah Baba.

Today, the fort is a haven for trekkers. Located at an altitude of 4772 ft., the fort enables visitors to trek through an adventurous route before they witness the grandeur of the fort. Moreover, its location on the jagged ranges of the Sikandar Dhar provides breathtaking sights that are sure to mesmerize you till the very end.

Upon reaching Kamlah Fort, you’re sure to be in for a surprise. For this fort isn’t the only one that will be waiting for you. Kamalgarh consists of a total of five forts, excluding Kamlah, namely Chawki, Chabara, Padampur, Shamsherpur, and Narshinghpur. All these forts lie nearby. So you don't need to worry about much about traveling far to reach each of these. The Kamlah Fort is a colossal one and you can get a glimpse of the great Indian history reflecting from it.


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