Konark Beach, Odisha

The Konark Beach is located in the Konark town of Odisha. It is often regarded as the beach of the Sun God according to the Hindu mythology. It is located only 3 KM away from the town centre and the famous Sun temple of Konark is situated on the very inner extension of this pristine beach. Unlike other beaches of India, though it is quite popular, congestion of crowd is not a thing for this beach. The beach has a way with the mood of the people visiting here.

The soft sand of the beach is pale yellow in colour, the glittering wave of the Bay of Bengal and the verdant land part lined by green tall tree extending into the never ending curvy coast line give tourists a great solace and repose. This beach is a fishing community centre. Most of the fishermen make landfall here and their rural living along the tree grove makes the beach more majestic. For leisure walking and resting the Konark Beach is a perfect tourist spot. There is a legend revolving the naming of Konark beach as Sun god beach.

According to mythology, Lord Krishna once cursed his son Sambho for his wrong doings and as penance he prayed to Sun god at this very beach in order to lift the curse. Legend aside this beach is truly a sight to behold during sunrises and sunsets and the activity that grabs attention of the tourist is the open market fish hankering of the freshly caught fishes. Apart from these there are many sightseeing spots around Konark Beach like Puri or Bhubaneswar which is easily accessible by roadways.

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