Kozhikode Beach, Kerala

Located in the Malabar coast of India, Kozhikode Beach is also known as Calicut beach in Kerala. The pavements at the beach are made out of stones and have a flat pavement where you can rest, take a picture or even stand your tripod for videos and pictures. This beach is well known amongst the list of beaches in Kerala. This beach is connected to all the major landmarks and the tourist attraction sites in the city. For example, the children's park which is also known as Lions Park (not a zoo) is located beside the beach along with an aquarium with various types of sea creatures and corals found in the sea.

The Kozhikode Beach is known for having a 28 km road made parallel to the beach where the local people and even the tourists will be able to enjoy long ride sideways to the beach. The beach road at the Kozhikode Beach is also known as Gandhi road as it was renamed when Mahatma Gandhi visited Calicut in the year 1934. Since the All India Radio office is also located near the beach, many events are organised every now and then. While visiting Kozhikode Beach you can see people lining up for various events or for water sports activity.

The Kozhikode beach is also known for being the Photographers favourite spot as the pavements at the beach help in taking the pictures at the right time and in the right place. While taking professionals pictures, backdrop matters a lot. Kozhikode Beach is the beach where you will be able to take the best picture in the right manner. There are various resorts located beside the beach facing the seashore so you will also be able to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset right from your room.

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