Kusum Sarovar, Uttar Pradesh

Kusum Sarovar, one of the earthen ponds is part of the rich history of India. Located on the Govardhan hill between Radha Kund and Govardhan hill, this one lies in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

The place bears ancient heritage whereby it was built in 1675 by the then Veer Singh ruler of Orchha on the land which was given by the Maharaja Suraj Mal as a gift, a garden to be precise to his beloved queen. It’s a sandstone monument and is a beautiful architectural marvel with the principle tomb itself being 57 sq. feet. It also has three upper-level tombs.

The major attraction is the tomb of Maharaja Surajmal with the building’s ceiling depicting the pastimes of Lord Krishna. It also has paintings and sketches of the Maharaja itself. The other tombs are of his two queens Hansiya and Kishori. There are also commemorating buildings and monuments nearby this. There’s a garden, which is lush with plants and more and an artificial lake continuing in the front.

It is said that the Kusum Sarovar reservoir is one of the best marvels to visit for relaxation and stress relief. With landing places on every side of the reservoir, and venerable trees on the sides, the place gives a repose, silence, and charms that not many can offer. Also regarded as one of the forest pilgrimages of Lord Krishna, this is a place worth visiting. There’s further Narada Kund and Sri Radha Vana Bihari temple if you want to explore the region.


Kusum Sarovar can be visiting during 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM

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