Lahaul Valley, Himachal Pradesh

The Lahaul Valley in Himachal is an ideal spot for nature lovers and trekkers alike and thereby a hot tourist destination as well. Located at a high altitude of 3340m Lahaul is a very remote village in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Very near to Lahaul there is another district known as Spiti, in no way less beautiful and naturally blessed than Lahaul. Now these two have been combined into a single entity. Prior to the joining of these two districts, the capital of Lahaul was Kardang and that of Spiti was Dhankar. The mesmerizing snow-capped hills and the wonderful beauty of Lahaul really spellbound the tourists visiting here. Lahaul valley is easily distinguished by its scintillating and awe-inspiring glaciers and mountains.

The Holiday in the Lahaul valley is a treat to say the least. In 1960s Lahaul together with Spiti became two districts having a harmonious blend of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Chandra and Bhaga rivers run through the Lahaul valley making the natural beauty all that more enhanced and captivating. Along with that there are a number of festivities and fairs that are celebrated in Lahaul with great vigour like Ladarcha fair Pauri fair, Fagli festival, Gochi festival Tribal fair, Festival of light, etc.

There are a few temples here which are not only worth visiting but should be in the list of must-visit ones for any tourist and every traveller such as Triloknath Temple, Mrikuladevi Temple, etc. There are many monasteries in this place as well which can be visited. Barring these, there are quite a few lakes in Lahaul and Spiti which definitely commands a visit. Finally, there is a wild-life park too acting as an icing on the cake called the Pin Valley National Park. Also many trekking and adventure opportunities also beckon the tourists who are interested in the same. The hide and seek of green patches & snowy rocks, is the best contrast ever.

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