Langvir Nritya Folk Dance, Uttarakhand

In The Tehri Gharwal area, there exists a famous dance that is performed by the locals in a wonderful way. That dance is known as the Langvir Nritya. This unique form of dance involves a group of men that get up on a pole while balancing on their stomach. They perform various acrobatic stunts on the pole which is very entertaining to watch too.

The music is played by a band of musicians just beneath or beside the pole. Damana and Dhol are the main instruments involved in the music. Rotation is one of the major plays in this dance. Langvir Nritya is not the only folk dance that is performed by the Gharwali people. Some of the other forms of dance include Barada Nati, Pandav Nritya, Shotiya Tribal Folk Dance, and many more. The belief that the people have is that dance is not just a form of art but it is a way to please the gods. Keeping the gods entertained is one of the major goals in such folk dances as well as dramas.

The balancing part of the Langvir Nritya isn’t the only amazing part. The best part is when the man on top of the pole rotates rapidly while balancing on their stomach. To watch this form of art is extreme pleasure and to see men do something like this in a perfect way is even more astonishing. This dance has been performed in the Tehri Gharwal regions since ages, and the tradition continues still as the men of the region perform this dance in a wonderful manner.

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