Latu Devta Temple, Uttarakhand

Latu Devta Temple is located in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. The small ancient temple is in a village named Ban. The place is dedicated to Latu Devta who is believed to be the brother of the presiding deity of Uttarakhand, Nanda Devi. The holy procession of Sri Nanda Devi is celebrated every 12 years. According to legend, Latu Devta welcomes and accompanies Nanda Devi in this journey till Hemkund. It is believed that the King of the snakes reside here along with his most valued gem, popularly known as ‘mani’. The devotees are not allowed to enter the temple. They can give their offerings at a distance of 75 feet from the temple door.

There is a mythological story related to the Latu Devta Temple. It is said that Goddess Parvati or Nanda devi gave punishment to Latu Devta, her brother, who misbehaved and created a havoc after being mistakenly intoxicated. He was punished to be locked at this place. Thus the door of the Latu Devta temple remains closed all over the year. Only one day is identified in a year when the temple door is opened. Only the priest is allowed to enter the temple but with his eyes closed. He has to cover his mouth with a piece of cloth so that the deity does not get disturbed from the breath of the priest while he chants the holy scripture. The villagers consider Latu Devta as their presiding God. They believe that all the wishes come true if a devotee make a wish with a pure heart.


Latu Devta Temple open at 08:00 AM to to 06:00 PM

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