Lavani Folk Dance, Maharashtra

Maharashtra is known to be the state of many cultures, especially orthodox Marathi. It is also known to be the financial capital of India. The coastal regions of the state provides a great deal of sea-food due to the availability of the same.

This state is known for its colorful festivals as well as folk dances, and one such folk dance that is performed, as a morale booster, all over the state is The Lavani Dance. Initially, this dance was performed when the warriors used to go for battles so that they get motivated and the strength to win the war; however, it became popular when the Peshawari Dynasty started to rule the state.

If you want to see some ankle bells, ringing in sync with each other, this is one dance you should attend. The tempo of the music is high because of instruments such as Dholak, Daf, Tuntuna, and Majeera. The sound that is produced by these musical instruments can take you into a state if abyss. When the folk dance first started, it was only performed by shepherds who are also known as Dhangars; however, with time, it became so famous and so much enjoyable that it began to be practiced by almost everyone, all over the state.

Want to see the authentic music and dance of the Marathi Ladies? Attend one of the drama functions happening in the district of Sholapur, and you are sure to find the chiming of the Ghugroos, and ladies dressed in Nauvari and Kashta, performing in the Lavani, in Maharashtra.

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