Lezim Folk Dance, Maharashtra

The stupendous Indian State of Maharashtra has a glorious history and the same goes for the art there. There is one such folk dance that is a mammoth display of the artistic spirit of the people there. The folk dance is known as Lezim and is mainly performed by children of all ages. Children dress up in white and saffron with a band around their foreheads. Children dance with a particular instrument in their hands. The best and the most intriguing part about the dance is the synchronization that is formed by the children. The peculiar instrument is what has given name to the folk dance that is lezim. The instrument is a unique wooden stick that all the children dance with. Years back, the children who actually used to perform this dance belonged from the Pandurang Vidyalaya run by a trust which was known as Vasant Dada Patil Education Trust.

The School still provides opportunities for the children belonging to the underprivileged sections of the society. It takes up the responsibilities of their schooling and other recreational aspects. The dancers perform to the tunes of the instrument, which is called Dholki, an Indian musical instrument.

This holy folk dance of Lezim, which is a part of Maharashtrian culture, can mainly be witnessed during the Ganapathifest. Ganpati fest is something that acts as a badge of recognition and honor for all the Maharashtrians out there. So, when it comes to pomp, show, and faith then Lezim and Ganapati are a perfect combo.

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