Limestone caves, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If one is visiting the islands of Andaman & Nicobar then one must not pass on the opportunity to witness the natural artistry of the Limestone Caves. The whole of Andaman & Nicobar Inlands are a rich mine of natural abundance. It has all the coral reefs, the beaches, the hills, the forests, the backwaters, the volcanoes and the mangroves. The main island of Andaman is the largest of the lot and is the main tourism hub of the union territory. Moving inlands from the Port Blair City one will fine the dense foliage of the Jarwa forest and traversing through it by road the travellers will find themselves at the Nilambur Jetty of the Baratang Island.

To reach the Limestone Caves, the visitors must avail the 45 min long ferry service amidst the mangroves infested by crocodiles to reach the Nayadera Jetty from where it is another 2 KM walk, to finally reach the famed caves. The caves and caverns of this terrain are made of sedimentary deposition that was initially subterranean. The tourists are awe-spired by the deep recesses, stalagmites & stalactites formations and various other abstract structural features of the caves. There is little light inside the caves, so bringing along a torch is recommended. What is more beautiful is the scenic beauty around the caves. The whole foot path is aligned with old and tall trees and the lush green filed adds great serenity to this hilly rugged topography of the Limestone Caves. The main nearby tourist spot to the Limestone caves is the Mud Volcano, which is very unique in itself.

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