Madikeri fort, Karnataka

If you want to travel through the rich history of India and see varied cultures at one place then Madikeri fort is for sure your destination to go to. Situated in the middle of the town of Coorg, Kodagu district of Karnataka region, Madikeri fort is a must visit place for history buffs. The Madikeri fort has gone into several hands since its inception in the 17th century by Muddu Raja. It was renamed as Jaffarabad by Tipu Sultan after rebuilding it. After that Linga Rajendra II in 1812-1814 added to it. The British renovated it in 1834. Today it houses municipal corporation office, a museum (formerly St Mark's Church), a clock tower, District Prison, the Kote Maha Ganapathi Temple and the Mahatma Gandhi Public Library.

Madikeri Fort also called Mercara Fort measures 110 feet (34 meters) in length. Encased in two stone walls and flowing arches, the majestic fort makes you travel through rich history. At the entrance of the north-east corner are perched two intense looking full body statues of elephants. A stone sculpture of a tortoise with the name of King Vijayarendra engraved on it also welcomes the guests. The entanglement of pathways adds to the secrecy of the place. A clock tower adds to the variety of attractions present in the fort. In the south-east corner of the fort, a gothic style Anglican Church is present. Formerly named St. Mark's church, it was converted into a museum after independence. The artistic grey-white building has stained white windows that pictures Jesus Christ. The museum has artifacts and ammunition from the time of Muddu Raja and Tipu Sultan. There is also a section dedicated exclusively to the brave Field Marshal K.M Cariappa in the museum. It is a clean place with a cool atmosphere. Fog coats the Madikeri fort making it mesmerizing and mystic at the same time.


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