Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

The Magnetic Hill is located about 28 kms away from the Leh City at the height of 11500 ft from the sea level towards Leh-Kargil-Srinagar highway NH1 of Ladakh, India. It is a small stretch of road which is has magnetic properties which attract large objects like car, trucks to uphill.

But, scientifically it is just an optical illusion. Even though the land escape looks like its up, it is not being actual up. The uphill is in fact downhill with reference to earth’s surface. It is not easy to figure this out without horizon as reference point. Just spill some water and see it going uphill (in fact downhill).

But all-in-all, the point is worth exploring. Sit in a car with neutral gear and enjoy a free roll at high speed. It's like some magical force dragging the car. The place is a Must Visit because of the Route and beautiful roads are serene Nature.

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