Mandrem Beach, Goa

Goa is well known for its magnificent beaches and enchanting beauty and Mandrem beach is one of the favourite destinations to enjoy your weekend or holidays. Mandrem is known for its two quiet, magnificent, huge and beautiful beaches that are visited by tourists all around world. Mandrem beach is one which is in the top list of the tourist attraction in Goa. Mandrem beach has a lot to offer whether you are single or with friends, there are many activities which you will enjoy at this beach like jet skiing, water surfing, parasailing and many more. Even you can enjoy the natural beauty and lot of greenery around the Mandrem beach. You can also enjoy the ride in speed boat or can enjoy motorbiking along the beach and there are many other group activities you can enjoy like bumper ride and banana ride or swimming.

If you are single and want some relaxing moments than the Mandrem beach is one of the ideal spots. Just sit and relax on this white sandy beach on a beach chair sipping your favourite beverage and enjoy the sea. Mandrem beach is also a place where you will find many restaurants, cafes, yoga centres and beautiful resorts which offer many fun-loving activities and the best of authentic Goa culinary specialties. Mandrem beach is best to watch when the tide is high as the sea water rushes into the Mandrem creek which creates a very beautiful scene to watch. Mandrem beach is certainly one of the most famous spots for the backpackers which promises a lot of activities full of adventure.

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