Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

One of the finest beaches located along the Gujarat coastline, Mandvi Beach is heralded in high esteem when it comes to seashore regions. Also talked about as one of the best-kept secrets of India, the Mandvi beach was one of the most renowned private beaches of the whole of India. It was once ruled by the Maharoas, the then rulers of Kutch and kept it separate and secure from the outsiders.

Mandvi beach is home to great sun-laden sands and features warm water of the tropical. It is also marked as one of the top destinations of India for tourism by many fraternities. It also has the Mandvi palace located near the beach that stands grandeur and large among the dwellers and is currently held as a museum. It has been a princely heirloom and is renowned for the monuments and handicrafts of yesteryear.

The area is also home to many Bollywood blockbusters which were shot in the region. It is pretty close to the town area and can be easily accessed nearby from the Kashi-Vishwanath temple and it’s a reason why the beach is also known by as the Kashi-Vishwanath beach. Another known beach, the Wind Farm Beach, known for its windmills is located just nearby the Mandvi beach at a distance of only 7 km. The beach has plenty of snack options for those who want to enjoy to the fullest with recreation. You can enjoy the fresh coconut water or dive into the seawater and relax your body. The region can be easily accessible via road transportation.

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