Mangalnath Temple, Madhya Pradesh

The Mangalnath Temple situated in Ujjain is dedicated to the great Hindu God Mahadeva who is also considered to be guardian and resident deity guarding the city of Ujjain. Interestingly this location provides the best and absolutely unobstructed view of the planet Mars and is also thronged by officials for astronomical studies analysis. Legend has it that the planet Mars was born here from the perspiration of Lord Shiva while he was involved in a very heated battle with a powerful evil force. Hence his son is attributed red due to being conceived in a moment of furious and fierce battle. Hence the name Mangalnath temple after the Mangal graha which is the Sanskrit name for the planet Mars.

Symbolically everything within the vicinity of temple premises is painted in red from shops to the merchandise that they are selling. Interestingly, the temple premises also houses separate shrines within, dedicated to other planets as well. The shrine dedicated to Prithvi Mata or Mother Earth makes for very interesting view. So it would not be too farfetched to say the temple and its architecture and arrangement has been very cleverly installed to represent the planetary constellation on a microcosm level of the absolute macrocosm.

The Mangalnath temple is equally thronged by devotees as they are by believers of astrology who visit this temple for curing astrological imperfections in their horoscope. It is a special place of interest for certain horoscopes known as Manglik which is an astrological imperfection for whom a special ritual worship and ceremony is conducted to rid them off the corollaries of their astrological imperfections.


Mangalnath temple open at 05:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Special Pooja Charges

1300 INR for Bhaat Pooja, 5500 Mangal Dosh Pooja and 13000 Graha Shanti Pooja

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Pratul Debnath
02 September 2019

I want to a religioner of mangalnath temple for recover mangolik effect. ?