Mir Alam Tank, Telangana

The great reservoir of Mir Alam Tank is located in Telangana. It stretches out in the southern direction of the Musi River. The reservoir has been named after the most prestigious PM’s of Hyderabad, Mir Alam Bahadur. The history of Mir Alam Bahadur dated backs to the 18th century when India was grappling with the British. The same goes for the tank even. It was Mir Alam Bahadur who laid the foundation of this lake on the 20th of July in the year 1804, and soon in a time span of just two years of its construction it was completed. Nehru Zoological Park is another historical landmark that lies adjacent to the Mir Alam Tank.

People visiting the Zoological Park always savor the fine boating experienced in the reservoir. The surface of the tank spreads to 600 acres, which is almost 240 in unit when expressed in hectares. The best part of the lake for the tourists is that it is connected with National Highway 7. There is a lot more that can be mentioned in respect of Mir Alam Tank, but its prime feature is the welcoming facility provided the managers of the reservoir to the tourists. Before the two reservoirs of Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar, the only lifeline of the locals used to this lake only. The tank is truly exceptional and is a must visit.


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