Moraine Lake, Canada

The Banff National Park is only 14 KM away from the village of Lake Louise, Alberta in Canada and is famous for Moraine Lake, essentially a glacial lake. Placed at an altitude of 1885 metres the lake remains frozen for the most period of the year and exhibits one of the most astonishing and magical phenomena for the visitors to stay amazed.

The thin ice sheet on the top of the frozen lake allows a stream of water to run off by melting into the lake and the flow over the stone flour offers a good condition for refraction and gives out a splendid blue green aura all over the Moraine Lake in Canada. The dissolution of the ice and snow over the lake is not completed till the late of the June months. There are many streams that reach up to the lake during these times from the nearing high mounts. Wandering further abroad offers isolation from the group and an alternate point of view of the lake and its rocky encompasses.

The picturesque scenery from the vista reached by following the Rockpile Trail up into the highest point of the adjacent highland is highlighted even in Canadian dollar during certain period issues, is the best view of the whole area in the Moraine Lake valley. Apart from this vista, there are many other attractive tourist spot in and around the Moraine Lake like the Wenkchemna Pass, Eiffel Lake, Sentinenal Pass, Larch Valley and the Moraine Lakeshore Trail giving majestic view to the visitors.

During the autumn time when the light is most glorious the aura of golden and orange flare light up the whole backdrop of ski trail presenting the most surreal; fell of recreation and sporting among the tourists. This part of the Moraine Lake is famous for cross country skiing and the Ten Peaks and Consolation Valley are best viewed from this trail. The tourism of Canada is very much focused on this Moraine Lake.

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