Murlen National Park, Mizoram

The Murlen National Park is located near the Indo-Myanmar border in the Champhai district of the state of Mizoram. The name of Murlen National Park was given in 1991. The reason behind this name is that the park is located at the Murlen village, a part of Hanahan. We can compare it to the Amazon rainforest due to the thickness of the forest. There is an area in this park which is known as ‘losingan area of seven fellow men’. It is said that no one can return after entering this area. Vegetation is very dense in this area. The Murlen National Park is surrounded by six caves Lamsialpuk, Hnahalan, Tan Tlangis, Zokhawthar, and Thumkhuai Kham. Thumkhuai Kham has the same perimeter as the park.

The park is protected and preserved by the State government. The Murlen National Park is a home to many animals and birds including Tiger, leopard, Serrow, Sambar, barking deer, Hume’s Hill Myna, dark rumped swift, peacock, Hornbills, sunbirds, etc. This park is home to a rich wildlife. It is a home for many species of birds which is why you can have a great time bird-watching. Along with planta and birds, you will be able to find many medicinal plants in this area. Some plants of this park are Prunus Myrica, Rhododendron, Betula species, Canes, various orchid species. It is said that some trees in the park are 350 years old. It is close to Dampa wildlife sanctuary. This park is fully filled with natural beauty including a variety of mammals, birds, medicinal plants and many more. Murlen National Park is a must visit one for any tourist or traveller visiting the state of Mizoram.


Murlen National Park open at 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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During the months for October to April

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