Muzhappilangad Beach, Kerala

Muzhappilangad Beach is a drive-in beach located next to the National Highway 66, between Thalassey and Kannur of Kerala. Even though when people talk about beaches in India the first place which comes to your mind would be Goa. Goa is known for beaches but is overly crowded and doesn't have a drive-in beach available. Muzhappilangad Beach is the longest drive-in beach in the whole of Asia, this beach was even mentioned in the BBC news article for its scenic beauty and how people can take their vehicles to the beach without any problems. And Muzhappilangad Beach was the only Asian beach mentioned in the list of beaches best for driving.

One of the best tourist attraction for Muzhappilangad Beach is the month of April, during this month various events and fests are organised where people from different states visit to enjoy their time while driving and spending quality time viewing the scenic beauty of the beach. It is a must-visit tourist attraction site where you can try various water sports like jet skiing, para-sailing, sailing and more, apart from driving alongside the beach. You will be able to enjoy 5 km long drive without any interruptions and will also be able to enjoy watching various types of birds flying across the beach.

The Muzhappilangad beach is also famous amongst the bird watchers as various types of birds, including migratory birds can be seen at this beach. Seafood stalls and other stalls for utilities which would be necessary for a tourist are also available at this beach. People from different states plan road trips in Kerala, especially for this beach and the festivals organised at this beach.

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