Nagoa Beach, Daman and Diu

Nagoa Beach in Diu is one of the most peculiar beaches in the country. It could be considered as a completely different world altogether. Once here, you can indulge yourself in various sea adventure sports or if you are not much into adventure, you can easily settle for a small swim in the sea or sunbathing in the shore. You can sit here for almost the whole day by the sea and enjoy the day passing by with the waves. The sunset and sunrise is more clear and beautiful owing to the less population. You can also have a small picnic or dinner in the sea side making the holiday a little more special.

The Nagoa beach is horse shoe shaped which makes the whole coastline all the more interesting. Another fun fact about the Nagoa beach is that the ‘hoka' and 'rukhada' trees were brought from Africa. These trees of the African origin were said to be brought from there by the Arabian traders. There are various other attractions near the sea where one can go too. There are numerous churches and other small gardens all along the whole place.

The Nagoa beach is especially preferable due to its less population and hence the great space which is available. People usually like to chill in here during the weekends when the work load gets too much. However, interestingly enough, this beach beats most of the Goa beaches when it comes to the partying season. The most favourable time to visit is during the winter season when there are various types of parties being held and one can easily sit by the Nagoa beach and enjoy the holidays. The summers should be avoided as the heat won’t be a nice thing to enjoy. Hence, this is a must visit one.

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