Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

The Cherrapunji is the wettest place on the planet and about 5Km away from it lies the Nohkalikai Falls, the highest waterfall of Meghalaya. The plunge of the water body is the most jaw dropping scene in these parts of the country. The leap of faith is about 340 metres or 1115 feet above the sea level and it comes down this unscalable height to the cradle of an ultramarine lake below. Surrounded by lustrous green forestry and rugged laterite cliffs the majestic falls stands as an awe inspiring natural phenomenon.

The name of the Nohkalikai Falls is derived from a local legend. The story is a very tragic one. Once there was a woman named Likai, who was widowed with her infant child. She loved her child but due to poverty had to porter. She got remarried but her love for the child begot jealousy for her husband. He murdered the child and cooked a meal out of it. Likai came back at home and ate the meal. Much later she realised the truth about the meal. Madden in fury and sorrow she jumped off the cliff of the falls. Nohkalikai literally means leap of Likai.

Nohkalikai Falls in Cherrapunji is a rain fed falls. The monsoon rains wells up on the elevated plateau of the eastern Khasi Hills and drops off the edge with its full vigour. The other attractive spots for tourist are the Nohkalikai Falls Viewpoint and the lake at the feet of the falls. The best tourism season is monsoon for the falls when the travelers can cherish the scenic beauty of the verdant misty Nohkalikai. The Waterfall is in the vicinity of Cherrapunji and just mere 5 KM away, it is easily accessible by road network.

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