Cherrapunji Tourism

Cherrapunji, also known as Sohra is a town in the East Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya, a north eastern state of India. The high altitude lush green misty valleys with numerous natural phenomenon and stunning view-points make Cherrapunji a sought–after tourist destination. The year-round rainfall has earned Cherrapunji the title of the wettest land on Earth in the Guinness Book of World Record. Currently the nearby town Mawsynram holds that title.

A number of famous waterfalls can be viewed while visiting Cherrapunji. The Nohkalikai Falls which is the tallest plunge waterfall of India, the beautiful Seven Sisters Falls which is 70 meters wide and the stunning Dainthlen Falls have a breath–taking view. Cherrapunji is also famous for its Double Decker Living Root Bridge made from the rubber trees forming an amazing example of bioengineering. One can explore it by trekking. There are many natural caves which offer an exciting experience when explored. The Krem Mawmluh Cave with a natural pool inside formed from five different rivers; Mawsmai Cave and Krem Phyllut are all popular destinations for the adventure seekers. A visit to Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong is a must to witness the preservation of astounding beauty of nature by its inhabitants. Cherrapunji is well connected by roads with Shillong, the state capital. It is also easily accessible from Guwahati.

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Travel Guide Arwah Cave Cherrapunjee Meghalaya
3 reviews

Arwah Cave

The Arwah Cave is a greatest destination of Meghalaya and Fossils of marine animals, sea shells can be found inside this cave. The Arwah Cave is relatively new and less crowded.

Travel Guide Mawsmai Cave Cherrapunji Meghalaya
0 reviews

Mawsmai Cave

The naturally formed caves are a site of great tourism attraction in Meghalaya. One of such magnificent caves lies in Cherrapunji or Cherrapunjee. About 6 KM away from the main city, in a mountainous cleft, situated is the limestone cave of Mawsmai.

Travel Guide Nohkalikai Falls Cherrapunji Meghalaya
0 reviews

Nohkalikai Falls

Being a country abundant with mountains, India has many falls. Some are ice fed and some are rain fed. Being a rainy state Meghalaya also has many waterfalls on its hill region. But the highest waterfall of the state is in Cherrapunji.

Travel Guide Seven Sisters Falls in Meghalaya
0 reviews

Seven Sisters Falls, Meghalaya

Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls popularly kown as the Seven Sisters Water Falls are one of the best falls of Cherrapunjee. The Seven Sisters Water Falls gives a soothing and amazing view of the lush greenery covering the hillocks with clouds surrounding them.

Travel Guide Double Decker Living Root Bridge
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Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Living Root Bridges has been present since the Khasi tribe or from the time the community was found. It is made with the help of young roots being tied to each other and is commonly found in the eastern region of India, especially in Meghalaya.

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