Old Quebec, Canada

The Quebec City in the Quebec province of Canada is a historical city of medieval origin renowned all over the world as a World Heritage Site conferred by UNESCO. The old French town of Canada is divided into two parts; the Haute Ville or Upper Town and the Basse Ville or Lower Town. The city of Quebec is commonly referred as the Old City in the tourism genre and also goes by the name of Latin Quarters.

The Fort of Saint Louis was the first structure of Upper town founded in the year 1608 by Samuel De Champlain. The on-the-top location of the fort served the purpose as a lookout cum strategic centre for the administrators. The British government used the fortified ground of the Upper Town as their military base and administration centre, however after its absolution it served as a ruin with historical importance.

The gardens, hotels and churches of Upper Town are the main tourist attraction of this end of the city. The glittering streets of Saint Anne & Saint Jean, the institution house of Seminaire De Quebec, De L'Esplanade Park, Ursulines Convent and the Augustinian monastery are very special. The hotels of Quebec Haute Ville are mesmerising tourist magnets with great historical & cultural importance such as Quebec City Hall, Chateau Frontenac and L'Hotel Dieu Quebec. The Lowe Town at the foot of Cap Diamant is the residential part of Quebec City where the French & English peoples along with the market place and the royal palace lived during old settlement.

The historic Notre Dame Des Victoires is here in the Lower Town being the main attraction. Other places of interest for the travellers are the mention worthy French architectural marvels like Musee De La Civilisation, Theatre Petit Champlain, Louis Basin, the Gare De Palais and many more. The main port of the Old Quebec is the famous Port of Quebec which is both a tourist spot and a gateway.

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