Om Beach, Karnataka

The Om beach in Gokarna is a popular tourist destination. The religious town of Gokarna is also known for its series of astounding beaches apart from its religious significance. The Om beach has two semi crescents forming the shape of the most revered Hindu symbol of ‘Om’. The beach derives its name from its shape. Apart from its exclusive shape, the beach has awesome scenic beauty. The beautiful natural rock creation and the dazzling golden stretch of sand attract a lot of tourists from all over the country.

The Om beach is surrounded with lush green low hill range. There are bunch of small cafes and eateries near the Om beach. One can find numerous shacks offering affordable stay and exotic dishes. Many fun water sports take place at the beach for the adventure lover. Speed boat ride and surfing are some of the activities which one can choose from. Boating facilities are also available at this beach.

It is a must visit for people visiting Gokarna. Non adventure lovers can have fun with the splashing waves. Travellers can enjoy their time in the pristine ambience of the place which helps them to unwind and relax. The magnificent view of the sunset is worth watching at Om Beach. A lot of adventure sports and activities take place at this place.

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