Orchha Fort, Madhya Pradesh

The Orchha fort complex is a huge fortress built by Bundela Rajputs in the city of Orchha on the river Betwa. The noteworthy city of Orchha, by the lands of the banks of Betwa River, was established in the sixteenth century by Rudra Pratap, one of the chieftains of Bundela Rajput Clan. The stream flow of Betwa River has divided into seven channels in these parts, the reason for the naming of the river as Satdhara.

Legend has this that it is out of appreciation for the seven recent Chieftains of Orchha that the river had divided. The antiquated city appears to have been solidified through time, with its various landmarks moving forward to grab their unique greatness surpassing ages to reach up to the present time. The most important thing that one will probably discover is the most interesting castles and temples which will give the travellers ability to understand an age old dream of revisiting the past time from the present.

The complex fort framework is the most principle fascination of Orchha. The fort is actually an island fortress on the river Betwa. There are multiple residences inside the mind boggling fort complex: Raj Mahal, arranged in a quadrangle with the main establishment. The Jahangir Mahal is built magnificently in remembrance of the Emperor Jahangir. The last castle worked for the sake of an exceptional romantic tale between a musician and a poetess and is called the Rai Parveen Mahal. The focal point of Orchha legacy and the storyteller of the wonderful past is Orchha fort itself. An intriguing story related to Orchha is that here Lord Rama is revered as a God whereas others love him as an ideal ruler.

The winter is the best season for a travel to Orchha. This fortress was worked by Bundelas line around 450 years ago. In spite of the fact that it is a littler fortress it is pleasantly fabricated and furthermore in great condition today. This stronghold informs us concerning the life of old illustrious lords who used to carry on with an extravagance and rich life. The rooms of the lord and prime ruler were beautified by beautiful painting on dividers and on the roof.


Orchha fort open at 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Fees

10 INR per Indian Nationals and 250 INR per Foreign Nationals. (200 - 600 INR guide charge - Optional)


25 INR for Photo Camera


200 INR per Video Camera

Light and Sound Show Timings

(English Show - 07:45 PM to 08:30 PM and Hindi Show - 08:45 PM to 09:45 PM) in Summer season and (English Show - 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM and Hindi Show - 07:45 PM to 08:45 PM) in Winter season.

Light and Sound Show Tickets

130 INR per Indian Adults & 65 INR per Indian Childs and 300 INR per Foreign Adults & 200 INR per Foreign Childs.

Best Time to Visit

During the month of October to March

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