Pandav Nritya Traditional Dance, Uttarakhand

If asked to mention the name of the one folk dance that has to do with the ancient Hindu mythology, then the name that would be Pandav Nritya of Uttarakhand. The folk dance of Pandav Nritya has always been a source of stimulation and motivation to every that Hindu who bears Hinduism as a badge of honor. None of us are unknown with the history of Kauravas and Pandavas, and somewhere down the line the dance depicts the same. People take very keen interest in watching the dance, and when they are watching the dance, they literally act like those spectators who are oblivious to every that thing with happens around them. That is the beauty extent of this dance, which leaves everyone enchanted and beguiled. The dance has a worldwide appeal because people from all around the world come to visit the beautiful Indian state of Uttarakhand, and that is when they come across this majestic folk dance.

The Pandava Nritya is performed by the men only, whereas the folks like children and women are strictly prohibited from being a part of it. And as the name suggests, Pandava Nritya, it becomes quite obvious to imagine men doing the show.

A number of traditional instruments like that of dholki, dhol, manjira, bansi, and several other musical instruments are used while performing the Pandav Nritya folk dance. In case you also want to be the same type of spectator then you must visit Uttarakhand once and be a witness of this dancing spectacle.

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M Teja Shree 2A
15 August 2021

How is pandav nritya preserved??