Paradise Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka

Among the series of marvellous beaches in Gokarna, Paradise Beach has set a mark of its own. Natural rock creation and soft gleaming sandy stretch adorn the beach. Paradise Beach is also known as the ‘Full Moon Beach’. There is no particular road access to this beach. It can be reached from the Om beach or Half Moon beach by taking a boat ride.

One may also go for the hiking trail from the Half Moon beach that leads to Paradise Beach and takes about 20 mins to reach the destination. It is preferable to walk by stepping on the big rocks along the sea coast of Half Moon beach. The Paradise Beach is visible from the mid-way through the hike. It is advisable to not take the trail going through the hill as it is lot more difficult and time consuming. Once reaching the place, one may get lost in the beauty of the nature around the beach.

The beach is almost 150 metres in length and most part of it is covered with rock. It was once the paradise for the Hippies who made the place their home from November to December. Remains of broken down shacks are proof of its past. Foreign travellers still visit the place but in small numbers. Camping can be a good idea for the ones planning for a night stay. Returning from the beach after sundown can prove fatal due to the rough trail.

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