Patna Museum, Bihar

The Bihar Museum has several galleries. These include the Orientation gallery, the youngster’s gallery, the nearby gallery, the cutting-edge gallery, the historic artwork galleries, the Bihari Diaspora gallery and the seen storage gallery. The exhibits on different topics are displayed in separate galleries. Each gallery is massive and has many artifacts on display including ones courting lower back to the 4th century.

Background Patna is a town with a storied beyond and this land noticed the advent of many superb civilizations. The records of this metropolis unravel like a ball of thread that surprises you with twists and turns as we tour over two millennia. The Patna Museum mounted in 1917 will soon flip a century old alongside the date of discovery of its most loved and visited artefact – the world famous Didarganj Yakshi, a statue of huge Mauryan vision. In the kingdom of Bihar, the need for a new museum turned into seriously felt, the Patna Museum having obstacles, both in bodily area in addition to in its layout and techniques of presentation. Department of Art, Culture and Youth, State of Bihar (DACY) proposed a brand new Museum on Bailey Road on the website west of the Patna Museum. Commonly referred to as the Jadu Ghar, literally residence of magic, to most citizens of Bihar, the Patna Museum has celebrated artefacts and collections. Many of these items of history and art are relocated to the new Museum with the vision of making it a imperative cognizance to rejoice the glorious history of this vicinity, a catalysing force that united ancient India.


Patna Museum open at 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fees

100 INR per adults, 50 INR per child's and 500 INR per foreigners

Days Closed

Patna Museum is closed on every Monday's.

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