Patnem Colomb Beach, Goa

Patnem-Colomb Beach is a combination of two beaches, Patnem Beach and Colomb beach in Goa. The shape of the two beaches, Patnem and Colomb is said to form a horseshoe shape. Patnem-Colomb Beach is covered with palm trees the emerald coloured water which makes the view more mesmerizing. Many resorts and spa centres are located within the vicinity of the beach and the beach has warm weather throughout the year. Only during the winter season, the weather gets a slight cold at night but would be warm during the day time. This period is also considered as the best time period to visit Patnem-Colomb Beach.

Many retreats are organised at the vicinity of this beach as it is considered as the Yoga hub across Goa. Healing centres, you name it and anything related to a healthy lifestyle would be present in this retreat. You will also find spa centres using Ayurvedic medicines for massage and therapy. There is a very famous Kerala Ayurvedic healing centre located near the beach and many tourists from across the country come to this healing centre for treatment. People who are a big fan of souvenirs can buy handicrafts, traditional clothes, jewellery and bags from the stalls organized alongside the Patnem Colomb. Small huts are put up across the beach which will help you enjoy music after a long swim in the ocean. These stalls also provide the classic Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and fusion food for tourists who are food lovers. Variety of cuisine including vegetarian and vegan food is served at this beach.

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