Patwon Ki Haveli, Rajasthan

Located in the central Jaisalmer, Patwon Ki Haveli (also known as Patwon Ji ki Haveli) is the first Haveli founded in Jaisalmer. This Haveli or a palace is made out of 5 small yet different Havelis. The architecture of the Haveli is considered as one of the best tourist attraction sites in Jaisalmer and is one of the oldest Havelis. This Haveli was built by Guman Chand in the year 1805. Guman Chand was a very famous trader in the town of Jaisalmer and was very rich, he wanted a separate accommodation for his 5 sons, and therefore a cluster of Haveli was designed for him and his family.

Patwon Ki Haveli or Patwon Ji ki Haveli is also known as 'Mansion of brocade Merchants' since the Guman Chand family mostly dealt with Gold and silver threads which were used in dresses for embroidery. Therefore the Haveli also seems like it was coated with gold and shine bright with the help of sunlight. The architecture of the Haveli is quite unique as there are multiple gateways and an arch which allows you enter the Palace and the entire Haveli is made out of Yellow Sandstone. Each Haveli in the Patwon Ki Haveli has its own unique design and theme according to Guman Chand son's choices.

Currently, the Haveli is taken over by the Archaeological Survey of India and the State Art and Craft department as their office in the city. Various exhibitions and events are held to attract tourists from across the nation and the globe.


Patwon Ki Haveli open at 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM - (All Days)

Entry Fees

50 INR for Indian visitors (5 INR per Indian Students) and 200 INR for Foreign visitors (25 INR per Foreign Students)

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