Prashar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

There is a myth behind the formation of the Prashar Lake. The story is after the war of the Mahabharata where the Pandavas, were taking a journey with the Lord Kamrunag. The Lord, after reaching the place, decided to stay there because of the scenic beauty of the destination. Bhima, one of the brothers amongst the Pandavas, rammed his elbow part of the hand so hard on the ground that a dent was formed, and the dent is now known to be the Prashar Lake. Interesting, isn’t it?

A more interesting fact about this lake is that no one has ever been able to find how deep the lake is. Isn’t this a bamboozling fact? Many tall trees have drowned in the lake, and have been completely submerged to great depths. If you want to see the mysterious lake, you can simply go to the Mandi district in Himachal, trek through the valleys and the snow-capped mountains, and you will be able to reach the place easily.

The Prashar Lake is in the shape of an elbow which makes the story even more believable. Also, the sage, Kamrunag, is said to have meditated at this place for a long time, which makes it a pilgrimage place too. Be it a pilgrimage, or a mysterious place, anything that has such a story and the fact that it could never be measured for a depth, is quite a sight. There are houses and facilities for food and hotels around the Prashar lake which is why, planning to take a trip to this wonderful destination, is a must.

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