Raja's Seat, Karnataka

Raja’s Seat in Coorg is one of the most acclaimed tourist spots in the state of Karnataka. Located amid the town of Madikeri, Coorg is a heartwarming tourist attraction which is lovingly referred to as the Raja’s Seat. The term Raja’s Seat quite literally translates to ‘a seat for kings’ and that is exactly what it is used for. In the days of yore, the seat was used by the kings to gaze at the glorious sunrises and sunsets as well as the beautiful scenery that lay beyond the grave.

Built in the form of a brick and mortar structure with four pillars, the seat presents numerous tourists with breathtaking views from the location. From the towering hills to the green valleys, from the paddy fields to the ribbon-like roads to Mangalore, the Raja’s Seat offer a whole new level of scenery for the tourists.

Owing to its massive popularity, the Karnataka Government even took steps to develop the area and allow it to flourish with the help of the gardens. Moreover, the district administration also placed a toy train which attracts children from far and wide to appreciate the scenic beauty of witnessing the sunrises and sunsets. These phenomena are so mesmerizing that you become compelled to capture them on your cameras. Truly, a fantastic scenic destination.


Raja's Seat open at 05:30 AM to 08:00 PM

Entry Fees

5 INR per per person

Parking Fees

40 INR Parking charge

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