Rama Krishna Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Rama Krishna Beach or RK Beach as it is popularly known by locals is the principal beach through Vizag having an enviable stretch of coastline ensuing further. Vishakhapatnam or Vizag city has other beaches along the coastline like Yarada and Rushikonda but none match the expansive nature of RK Beach. Hence it is no surprise that RK Beach is a very popular attraction for locals as well tourists alike.

The mornings make for interesting viewing on RK Beach, as the roads are closed for vehicles are the beach and its surrounding promenade hosts a colourful crowd of people from fitness conscious joggers, to morning walkers, early birds out to get a whiff of fresh breeze and strollers simply making the most of their time. The beach as well its promenade Bhajji is home to an interesting ware of merchants selling everything from sodas and ice creams to indigenous spicy street food. However despite this vast stretch of the beach and its overlooking promenade, there are not too many commercial buildings in that stretch. So finding hotels with a beach view may be a struggle at times, especially during rush seasons.

On the same length of the road further ahead are some of more interesting tourist attractions such as the Kurusura Submarine Museum, various beautiful botanical and horticultural parks and gardens, some iconic landmark statues of great leaders along with the most recent addition to the list being the Aircraft Museum and I Love Vizag caricature. The beach is also home to a visibly ostentatious Durga Mata temple. Although the coastline is quite enviable on RK Beach not too many people can be seen indulging in water sports nor does the waterfront see much activity in terms of people taking swimming or playing. The most action is seen on the beach with people preferring for quiet stroll on the sand with snacks in hand. Hence the beach is hosting litter grounds at some places.

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