Ramchandi Beach, Odisha

Ramachandi Beach is one of the well-known and beautiful beaches in Odisha. 7 kms away from the famous Sun Temple of Konark, at the river mouth of River Kushabhadra lays the Ramachandi Beach. The beach has derived its name from the nearby Ramachandi Temple. The temple is dedicated to the presiding deity of Konark, Goddess Ramachandi. According to some, the deity is believed to be the consort of the Sun God.

This picturesque beach is mostly isolated, thus offers a pristine and serene atmosphere for its visitors. The silvery sand and the endless Bay of Bengal creates a striking beauty of the nature which one can enjoy while their visit. The place is surrounded by array of casuarina plantation. One can enjoy the soul stirring view of the sunrise and sunset at this spectacular beach. The place was not much accessible before the construction of the Marine Drive Road.

The Ramachandi Beach offers magnificent scenic beauty and fun filled adventure sports. Due to its naturally formed slopes the beach does not have high waves. This makes it ideal for boating as the sea remains calm most of the time. Swimming enthusiasts get the perfect aura and setting for a wonderful swimming session in the soothing water of the sea. Ramachandi Beach is the den of the Kalinga Divers’ Foundation which makes it a popular place for scuba diving. During the annual Ramachandi Festival, the place also experiences the International Surfing Festival and the Konark Sand Art Festival. Locals and the foreign travellers visit the place during this time to witness the amazing festival.

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