Ramola Traditional Dance, Uttarakhand

When it comes to tradition and culture, people feel proud while representing their culture. Ramola Dance is a traditional dance originated in Uttarakhand, also known as Uttranchal previously. It is practiced by people from Kumaon, who are also known for celebrating every festival grandly across the town. The most important festival for the people from Kumaon is the harvesting season festival where the Ramola dance forms are performed by both men and women.

Ramola dance is a traditional dance that is also mentioned in the epic scripture of Mahabharata. There is a story behind the Uttarakhand famous traditional dance: Once Sidha, who was Lord Krishna's brother-in-law, was playing an enchanted melodious tune due to which fairies from the heaven came to earth and took his soul with them while going back to heaven. When requested by Lord Krishna's sister, Brinjamati, to bring back her husband; Lord Krishna played some trick sand mesmerized the fairies with an enchanting tune. The fairies didn't realize that Lord Krishna had stolen their clothes in the process of them bathing in the river while listening to the music; when realized Lord Krishna demanded to bring back Sidha alive in order for them to receive their clothes. This folklore is famous amongst the people in Kumaon and the Ramola dance performance, steps, and the concept are based on it.

This dance is performed throughout the month of harvesting (when the spring season starts) and unlike other traditional dance performances where only the professionals are supposed to dance. Ramola dance is a traditional dance performed by locals and visitors equally.

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