Rewalsar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

The Rewalsar lake has a shore line of about 735m and has the geometry of a square. It is enlisted as one amongst the scared and religious spots for Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. As far as the legend goes, the great teacher Padmasambhava once used his powers to take flight to Tibet from Rewalsar Lake. It is said that his soul still resides at the tiny island of floating reeds over the waters of Rewalsar Lake. The lake is surrounded by temples of 3 temples that are devoted to Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and to the Sage Lomas. The Rewalsar lake is populated by a huge number of fishes and fishing is strictly forbidden because of it being a sacred place, tourists are allowed to feed the fishes and the sight itself is a treat to the eye. One of the main tourist attractions spots around the lake is the Rewalsar Zoo; one can get excellent shots of the lake from there.

In order to see something rare, you need to explore more. Rewalsar Lake is a place that haunts you forever, due to the rugged mountains that it has on all sides. The Rewalsar Lake is simply marvelous and you will be bound to sit by the side of the lake and just stare at the nature's marvel. If you are looking to get actual peace and rejuvenate your soul, this is the place to be at. Truly, the Rewalsar lake is one such place that you should not miss out on visiting.

Accessibility : The nearest airport to mandi district is ‘Kullu’ which is situated at ‘Bhuntar’, 75 km from Mandi district. One can easily book a cab which again can be considered the most expedient medium of transport. Train as always, has always been the most cost-effective way of transport and to reach Mandi by train, one need to reserve a train to Joginder Nagar, the nearest station and book a cab to reach Rewalsar, one can also board a bus to reach there. Though not the most convenient, but definitely one among the most enjoying commute is that by road, to reach Rewalsar lake by road one needs to book a cab from mandi that is easily available or buses are on service.

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