Roha Fort, Bhuj, Gujarat

Roha, located 47 kilometres from Mandvi, 51 kilometres from the district of Bhuj, and 127 kilometres from Gujarat's famous Rann Of Kutch, is an eccentric site sure to appeal to history buffs and hikers. On Roha Hill, 800 feet above sea level, the fort overlooks the huge Roha village that surrounds it. Many of the romantic verses written by the legendary Gujarati poet Kalapi are said to have been written on this peak. The poet was influenced by the peaceful and serene ambience of the location.

The Roha fort complex, which was erected in parts over several decades under the numerous generations of the Roha jagir lords, was completed in the 1550s. Rao Khengarji–I, the 'jagirdar' or king of the place, founded the town, and his brother Sahebji took over afterwards. This fort used to be home to 52 communities. Roha, which covers an area of 16 acres, is also known as 'Sumari Roha,' after the Sumara princesses who took samadhi here after being beaten by Allauddin Khilji. Thakore Noganji, his grandson, was the one who built the fort out of baked bricks and stones. A temple, residential palaces for the king and queens, and even a separate jailhouse for anyone breaking the law in the jagir are all part of the fort complex. The Roha fort complex is an architectural masterpiece with a variety of jaw-dropping vistas and finely carved and adorned corners.


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