Rohtasgarh Fort, Bihar

Rohtasgarh fort or Rohtas Fort is an old rural fort situated in the Sasaram District of Bihar. Although Rohtasgarh Fort’s founding history might be unknown, the fort has been pivotal for various rulers of ancient India. Each new ruler of the fort added modifications to the existing fort. The fort’s gates are quite grand and royal. Also called the Elephant Gate, the fort’s entrance is guarded by figures of Elephants. The gates itself are quite large and was constructed in 1597 AD. The fort has seen various armed rebellions and epic battles and has stood the test of time since its inception. The fort during its era was a vital milestone for the ruling party, as it gave them a strategic advantage over the opposition. The main attraction of Rohtasgarh fort is that it contains both- a masjid and a mandir. The masjid is located just outside the palace, while the temple is located half a kilometre away.

The Rohtasgarh fort is looked after by the Bihar Government. For visiting tourists, the journey to the fort is a long trek. The route leading to the foot of the hill on which the fort is located has 2000 limestone steps, which tourists have to walk by foot. Situated on a hill, the fort overlooks the massive Son River valley. The fort also features a hanging house- which stares directly into a fall of 1500 ft without obstacles.

The Rohtasgarh fort is a two-hour easy drive from the district capital Sasaram. However, it is quite close to the main town of Dehri. The fort showcases the marvel of ancient Indian architecture. Also, the fort displays the confluence of various traditions and dynasties, as many rulers ruled over the fort, leaving their own personal trademark. It is a must visit one for any history enthusiast.


Sasaram Rohtasgarh fort can be visit during 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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