Rukmani Kund, Himachal Pradesh

Located in the gorgeous Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh is this isolated Rukmani Kund which is a symbol of Rukmani’s sacrifice for a greater cause. Rukmani Kund lies in the centre of lush forests of Shivalik hills and is about 28 km away from Bilaspur district. This place is considered as a very pious place and a Mela (Fair) is organised here in respect of the sacrifice made by Rukmani. As of now, this kund is a source of water supply for villages in the vicinity.

Legend has it that the whole Auhar locale was in a bad position due to the shortage of water. Multiple efforts to burrow a well failed. The King of Auhar dreamt that water would come out if his son or daughter-in-law are offered in sacrifice. Rukmani, his daughter-in-law, offered herself and not only saved her husband but also saved the entire region.

The Rukmani Kund is a symbol of her gallant act. It is believed that where we have this Kund today, she was buried alive at that place. This decision was not simple for the king but then it implied safety of the entire region. Rukmani hailed from Auhar and even now the people from her town don't bathe or drink Kund's waters. They take immense pride in the sacrifice of their daughter. Baggad – grass that is dangling from the walls of the Kund is viewed as her hair even today. It is also believed that this grass is growing as a result of the supernatural intensity of the water of the reservoir. Ladies offer bangles and ribbons as a tribute to Rukmani. It is likewise trusted that the water of Rukmani Kund can cure skin infirmities.


Rukmani Kund can be visiting during 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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