Saang Folk Dance, Haryana

The state of Haryana has many regional dance forms. Out of these Saang or Swang is the most popular one. This dance is also found in various other state of the country also like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The Saang or Swang dance form is based on folklores from the Hindu mythology; so the states with majority of Hindu religious spread is the core region for the practice and flourish of this special art style. According to historical notes, the dance form of Saang or Swang has found its birth among the cultural societies of the Malwa region. The Saang or Swang dance form is not our typical dance. It has a specialty that somehow crosses over the boundaries of general dancing. Normally a dance is performed by a person or a group of person with or without music on rhythmic beats.

What sets Saang or Swang apart is that it not only uses music but also script and a stage. Yes, Saang or Swang is performed on an open air stage like a theatre. In Haryana, it is very popular among the people as it displays dancing theatrics. Among the scripts folk tales, fables and mythical legends are common but nowadays many contemporary subjects are also being used to spread different awareness. The Saang or Swang is basically a mimicry dance also known as nakalkarna or rang bharna in local dialect. This dance form was invented by the famous Haryanvi poet, Dip Chand Bharman. He gave the traditional song & dance of the folklore a new color & dress code and divided it into nautanki style and kirtan style to create the way to popular Saang or Swang.

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24 October 2020
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11 October 2022

How it is performed in the past and now what is the condition of swang folk dance??