St. Francis of Assisi Church, Goa

Saint Francis of Assisi was built as a small chapel, but in the year 1521, the church concentrated on the Holy Ghost. Situated at the Main Square of Old Goa, this is a typical Roman Catholic Church. This church is very famous amongst the visitors. The church faces west and is one of the UNESCO heritage sites. Different types of architectural ideas have been applied here like the exterior of the church is influenced by Tuscan order and the main entrance is made in Manueline style. Inside the church in place of aisles, there is only a nave. It also has a unique altar. Under a ribbed vault main altar has been constructed with beautiful floral design. The wall and ceilings of the church are beautifully decorated with carved wood. In order to remember the work of St. Francis, there hang large paintings on the wall.

These paintings add to the beauty of the church. A huge arch decorated with floral designs supports the choir.The intricately carved pulpit also looks amazing. On the front wall of the church statue of our lady of miracles stands. It is said that this statue was brought from Jaffna in Sri Lanka. A beautifully carved wooden statue of St. Francis of Assisi has been kept inside the church. The three pillars are a symbol of humility, obedience, and poverty.


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