Saroornagar Lake, Telangana

The Saroornagar Lake is located in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The depth of the Saroornagar lake ranges somewhere between 6 ft to 6.2 ft, which is quite up to the mark for an artificial lake. Besides, the maximum surface area of the lake is 100 acres, which stands somewhere between 40 to 43 hectares. It is a great tourist attraction, not just because of the beauty of the lake but also owing to the various facilities available near it.

When it was created in the year 1626, the main reason was to serve agricultural purposes. The State government of Telangana has invested millions on that lake and is still investing in order to promote tourism in the state. The cleanliness level of the lake is a result of the large and crucial steps taken by not only the Municipality and the Government but also by the locals. One such example of the strict measures includes the banning of idol immersion in the lake. It was just the period of expansion of the city of Hyderabad, which marked a dent in the cleanliness level of the lake, but now the lake has regained its original position. This is why the Saroornagar Lake is visited by many tourists all the year round.


Hyderabad Saroornagar Lake can be visit during the day time from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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Hima Serenity
07 September 2021
Saroornagar Lake KCR made our dream come true. may be not with Dolphins but yes proudly we can say with crocodile.😍

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11 September 2022

Is self-ride on small (10 feet) own inflatable boat with 63cc motor is allowed? if so, whose permissions are required???

11 September 2022

1. Is ride on own boat of 63cc inflatable boat is allowed? if so, whose permissions are required??