Sea Shell Museum, Daman and Diu

Shell Museum in Diu is one of the funniest museums one can go to. What makes the shell museum so special here is that it is popular due to its largest collection of shells in the world. There are over 3,000 shells in the whole museum and one cannot help but to be enthralled and amazed at such a magnanimous collection of shells. There are various types and colours and sizes of shells, from the tiniest and pink ones to the largest and white ones, you name it and you could see them. There are a few shell arts too which will steal your attention. The whole museum tour definitely will take up a whole day as you go through a long array of wondrous and different sort of shells.

It is said that Captain Fulbari, a mariner, had gone to numerous voyages and would always return with a grand collection of shells. These shells have been stacked here and been put up in the museum for exhibition. This place is a particular favourite among the kids and parents since it never ever fails to amaze the kids with its unique collections of different sort of shells. It’s not that the whole collection belongs to the Captain; some of them have been donated by other collectors too. One can also give their shells if they are unique and one of a kind to the museum for safe keeping and it might be exhibited too. All in all, a truly one of its kind museum is what the Shell museum is and it definitely commands a visit from tourists and travellers far and wide.


Diu Sea Shell Museum open at 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fees

20 INR per Adult and 10 INR per Child

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